Taro Picked Up A Strange Knight
This is the story of the ordinary salaryman who picked up a strange man that turned out to be a knight, and the strange knight who began living with an ordinary salaryman in modern Japan. Doggy-like knight x tsundere-feeling salaryman. Sequel: Bringing My Wife Back from Another World
よっしゃあっ! The Dungeon Struggle Of An Earth Dragon!
Waking up from his sleep, the protagonist has been reincarnated as an earth dragon. Unable to do anything in this situation, he’s now enjoying his life as an earth dragon. However, he found out he is the best material the human can find. I’m not a material game! This is bad! At this rate, I will be hunt by the human! This is the story of a protagonist who was reincarnated as an earth dragon and his struggles building the dungeon and making golems to protect himself and sleep.
Khyffinir Marvel: God Human
A human who lived beyond time. A new life arises in a world ruined by wars and disputes over resources. A brilliant mind that can save the human race? Will plunge the world into even more pain? I do not own the copyright of the Marvel Comics characters. A pure novel of a fan.
Kurie Conquering the anime world
Being a subject for experiments his past life, follow our MC in his new life in a world where all anime characters exist Everything isn’t canon, a lot of the story’s will be different than the anime since it’s a novel where all anime characters live on the same planet